Tuesday, April 30, 2013

S & P Price Projections (Both Higher and Lower)

The following price projections are for the S & P 500 in the next few weeks.

Positive - If there is a good jobs report, the S & P 500 ETF SPY will be headed to the $164.00 area. This is based on the pattern that the daily chart has shown since November of last year. There have been 3 up legs that were 9 points, 12 points, and 10 points from the low of a corrective leg to the high of the bull leg. The most recent low for the most recent corrective was $154.00. If the employment reports are positive, SPY will break past the current $160.00 resistance and follow through to $164.00.

Bearish - If the jobs report is negative, SPY will probably head back down to at least $155 support. Chances are good that SPY will move past $155 support and continue to $150 support. Sell in May and Go Away will most definitely be in effect if the jobs report is not good. It should also happen within a couple of weeks time.

***Disclaimer - This is just speculation and not to be considered a recommendation to buy or sell anything. *** 

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